Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Montessori-based faith formation program founded on two pillars: Sacred Scripture and Holy Liturgy. Through the use of Scripture and materials, which we call “work,” children are invited to enter into a deeper relationship with God. Over 200 young people visit our three atria each week. During our time together, we focus on encouraging the formation of a personal prayer life, helping our students to participate fully in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church, and working to develop a deeper understanding of our Catholic identity and Tradition.

CGS has three levels of atria, each serving specific grade levels:

Level I: Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten
Level II: Grades 1-3
Level III: Grades 4-5

CGS classes are offered during the school year at several various times on Sundays and also Thursday evenings.

For information regarding CGS, please contact Mrs. Julie Dilley, CGS Coordinator at or 614-875-6779, ext. 216, or visit

Code of Behavior

Diocesan Youth Harassment policy

  1. Participants must stay and participate in the entire event. Participants may not leave the premises unless accompanied by a leader, parent or legal guardian.    
  2. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or weapons of any kind is not permitted.
  3. Foul language is not tolerated.
  4. Participants must heed any and all directions of staff.
  5. Participants must respect the rights and property of others. Damage to or defacing of property will be the financial responsibility of the participants involved and the participant’s parents/legal guardians.    
  6. Failure to abide by this Code of Behavior may result in a request to parents/legal guardians, to transport offending participant from the premises, and the parents/legal guardians shall immediately comply with the request.

Upcoming PSR Events

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