Kroger Plus Card

Thank you for participation in Kroger program which provides rebates to Our Lady School and Preschool.

Kroger has once again changed their charitable donation program, and will no longer give out individual allocations based on Plus Card usage.  Our Lady of Perpetual Help will only get a lump sum amount every quarter.


However, since it is no longer possible to know how much rebate can be associated with individual families, and to be as fair as possible to everyone, Kroger’s rebate will now be split 5 ways between PTO, Guardian Angel, PSR, SPICE and Athletics.


We encourage everyone to continue to register your Plus card so that these programs can continue to grow at Our Lady.


There has been no change to the SCRIP and Market Day programs.  Family rebates from these programs will still be distributed as 75% tuition credit, 25% PTO. 

Thank you for your continued support of the SCRIP, Kroger and Market Day programs.


On the internet, go to or   You will need to register with Kroger.  Once registered you will need to sign on and then ‘click’ on my account (located on the top right corner of the page).  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a section titled Community Rewards Information.  ‘Click’ on Edit Community Rewards Information.  You will then have to find our organization - enter the name Our Lady of Perpetual Help and ‘click’ on the search icon.  Scroll down the page just a little and you will see several options to choose from.  ‘Click’ on Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Grove City.  Finally ‘click’ on Save Changes.  Each Plus Card Number must have a separate email address.

Once you have registered your Kroger loyalty card the bottom of your receipts will print out “You are participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.”  This takes approximately 7 to 10 business days.  To contact Kroger with any questions please call 1-800-837-4483.

This program renews every April.  YOU MUST RE-REGISTER YOUR PLUS CARD EVERY APRIL!!!  You can, of course, register at any time, however the longer you wait the less credit we are receiving.  Note that if you register your card in March then you will still need to re-register in April.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact the program coordinator, Rose Rucker, at or (614) 592-7580 (you can text this number as well as call).


With the Great Lakes Scrip program, families purchase certificates/gift cards at face value. The school purchases these certificates/gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount. Families receive tuition credit of 75% of the stated discount. The PTO receives the additional 25% of this discount.

Helpful Links:

SCRIP Order Form

Registration Form

SCRIP Program Agreement Form

Getting Started With ShopWithSCRIP

Presto Pay

Reload & ReloadNow


1. Where do I get an order form?  From the list above. Paper order forms are also on the Scrip table after every Mass and at the Scrip Store on Friday Mornings during school.

2. How do I complete the order form?  Find the vendor for which you wish to purchase a gift card from.  Choose the denomination and indicate the total quantity. Multiply the quantity by the denomination of the card and put this total in the total column next to the vendor. Total all purchases and write a check to OLPH for that amount. Please double check all the math and ensure that the total ordered matches your check.  Please ensure that your full name is on the form.  Also the full name of the student’s family if you are purchasing gift cards and the rebate is being donated to a specific family.

3. How do I turn in an order? You may send in your order to the school office with your child.  Place it in an envelope with “Scrip” written on the front.  All orders must be turned in by 12:00 pm (noon) on Thursdays. 

4. When are orders placed and when should we receive them? The office must receive orders by 12:00 pm each Thursday (unless otherwise stated). Orders are placed once a week. You should receive your filled order on Friday of the following week.  Having a holiday during the week will delay orders.   Card orders placed after Mass are ordered on Sunday and available for pick up the following weekend.

5. How do I receive my order? Your gift cards will be sent home the following Friday.  Please mark which child you would like the order to go home with.  Once an order is received you will receive a brown 6 x 9 envelope with your information on the front to use for future purchases.  In addition, if you would like to pick up your gift cards yourself you may do so at the scrip store or after any of the weekend Masses.  However if you choose to pick up your gift cards you must let us know at the time you place the order.

6. How does the tuition credit work? Each family will earn 75% of the stated discount percentage to be applied towards the following year’s tuition. Everything that you purchase from May 1st through April 30th will be applied towards the following school year’s tuition.  For example, on the order form you will notice a % next to each line item. If you order $50 of Applebee’s, which has a discount percentage of 8%, you will receive 6% (or $3.00) of tuition credit for that particular purchase.

7. Tax Credit/Rebate designation – Recently the IRS issued a ruling that the rebate portion of the gift cards may be tax deductible if it is donated to a non-profit group (which Our Lady of Perpetual Help is non-profit).  In order for this to occur, the first time you purchase gift cards you must fill out the Scrip Program Agreement.  This form can be found on the Our Lady of Perpetual Help School website with the registration forms.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact the program coordinator, Rose Rucker, at hrrose(at) or (614) 592-7580.


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If interested in volunteering please contact Rose Rucker

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